how does
it work

Primarily its simple use

Simple and quick
to be configured

Upon admission, SiMews is configured and worn by the patient to autonomously measure the parameters at the set times. The configuration set by the health worker, once upon admission, simply requires the insertion of the patient’s data and the times during the day when the measurements are to be taken. Only 3 minutes of work are needed for these steps.


No hindrance
for the patient

Thanks to the compactness and lightness of SiMews, the patient will be free to move within the facility while wearing it and must only be concerned about sitting while the measurements are taken (about 100 seconds). The onset of the measurement will be indicated by vibration and an audible signal.

Quick and secure
data transmission

Once the measurements are completed, SiMews will calculate the N.E.W.S. index that will be transmitted in real time together with the result of the individual measurements on the local LAN network via a "closed" proprietary radio connection that guarantees patient privacy and the protection of sensitive data. The collected data can be viewed on the monitors of any PC located in the nurse stations, in tabular form that summarises the clinical condition of all patients, as well as integrate the electronic medical record (if used).