and benefits

SiMews is a highly innovative electro-medical device for various aspects:


Data configuration done only once per patient and thereafter automatic operation. The interface has a colour code for immediate understanding.


It weighs only 30g


The measurements have 3% accuracy and radio transmission takes place at frequencies that do not interfere with the other WiFi or Bluetooth wireless connections


Every measurement of the 6 vital parameters lasts about 90 seconds


Comparable cost to that of a smartphone

remote monitoring

Recent measurements taken and the relevant N.E.W.S. index can be constantly viewed remotely

can be integrated with electronic medical records

The data are saved in a text file and in a local database and are therefore, easily extendable to the software of the medical records

A prestigious choice
for hospitals

The SiMews system allows you to increase the healthcare service by obtaining greater organised control of all patients within the ward, without making the medical staff from having to overwork. By automatically implementing the N.E.W.S. process, promoted by the regional directives, it provides the facilities with prestige in the quality of the care provided, greater safety for the patient and above all does not require extra staff.

Our strength has been the successful collaboration between an electronics engineering company and a top-level surgical centre. This partnership has allowed a highly technological item to be created, which is designed according to the actual needs of the hospital sector. Together with the general manager of the Centro Chirurgico Toscano in Arezzo we have identified how using the SiMews allows a saving of €150,000 per year while providing patients in the facility with a higher quality of service.