il N.E.W.S. con un solo strumento

SiMews è il dispositivo medico indossabile per la rilevazione dei parametri vitali, ideato per garantire il monitoraggio automatico e costante delle condizioni cliniche dei pazienti calcolandone l'indice N.E.W.S. e inviando in tempo reale segnali d'allarme al personale medico in caso di valori alterati.

L’utilizzo di SiMews consente di gestire in modo efficiente il rischio clinico, ed aumenta notevolmente la qualità delle cure ricevute dal paziente, risultando estremamente utile per la pianificazione e collocazione delle risorse umane.

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SiMews SiMews SiMews SiMews

Technology and Innovation for the healthcare service

SiMews consists of 2 parts: the main unit and the chest strap. It can switch on, measure the vital parameters, calculate the N.E.W.S. and switch off autonomously according to times set upon admission.

Health workers only dedicate time to measure vital parameters upon admission, in fact, 3 minutes of work of one health worker are enough to configure the device properly and automatically start measuring:

respiratory rate
heart rate
Systolic and diastolic pressure
Body temperature
State of consciousness
Oxygen saturation

Compact and lightweight, SiMews allows the patient to move freely and with no hindrance between one measurement and another. The onset of each measurement is indicated by vibration and a sound signal. The patient must sit down while the data are collected, which is completed in about 100 seconds..
SiMews transmits the acquired parameters (N.E.W.S. index and individual measurements) to the PC in the control room of the ward nurses and to the ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORD.

SiMews PC Suite:
much more than just software

The parameters measured by SiMews are made available to the medical staff in real time through a secure network that guarantees 100% data confidentiality..
Nurses can monitor the state of health of an entire ward on a single screen of the PC. The interface is simple, intuitive and efficient: thanks to its basic design, all it takes is a glance to know the clinical situation of patients.

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What makes it unique

The greatest strong point of SiMews is having been designed in collaboration with a top level surgical centre: the device was made while considering the needs of the medical staff and patients.
Using SiMews allows the healthcare service of the medical facility to be improved together with the patient’s safety, while not requiring extra staff, but rather saving on resources otherwise used to measure the vital parameters.

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